340 Guaranteed Leads Daily

To begin with I have a feeling that these two sites are pretty much clones of each other. While they are slightly different they are essentially the same thing just with different branding. 

Lets Start with My Lead Gen Secret. 

What are you getting inside the MyLeadGenSecret Sales Funnel?

(OTO is called "One Time Offer" or also known as a "Upsell" that are additional products in the sales funnel after the 1st product or FE (Front End) product.)

MyLeadGenSecret (FE) - $60.00(1st Month+Setup Fee) $30.00/Month

My Lead Gen Secret is an all in one platform to help online marketers collect and contact business opportunity leads.

The way that this service works is for $30(USD) per month, just $1 per day My Lead Gen Secret will load 100 new leads per day into your back office.

The affiliate program is optional but by referring just one paid client to the platform the sponsor receives an additional 100 bonus leads per day. So, with this lead generation service customers are given 200 new leads per day with only one referral to the platform.

Data for each unique lead is provided by My Lead Gen Secret. By clicking on the My Leads Tab in the back office each daily list is organized in chronological order. By clicking on browse leads users can view the following data for each and every lead.

The My Lead Gen Secret Mailing System is Easy to Use

In the My Lead Gen back office by clicking on the Mailing System tab customers can access the email editor. For those that use other services like Aweber or GetResponse know that as our client list grows so does your monthly invoice. Here at My Lead Gen Secret the emailer service is included with the $30 monthly fee. I find this to be an incredible value.

Compensation pays 5 Levels Deep based on $29.95 product
Level 1 - $5 per month (direct referrals)
Level 2 - $4 per month
Level 3 - $3 per month
Level 4 - $2 per month
Level 4 - $1 per month

Weekly Superstars Bonus

Unlimited $100 bonuses for referring 5 new confirmed membership sales, in a 7-day period.

Pay period starts 12:00am Monday through 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time

My Lead Gen Secret is a product that targets and helps promoters of online business opportunities by aligning them with prospects. The program is simple to setup and use,  fresh leads are delivered daily. For email marketing professionals this lead generation tool is a huge time and money saver.

OTO #1- 30 Master email swipes- $59.95 One Time Fee

Jim's 30 turn-key custom email swipes that are known to convert. All you have to do is replace your name and website address in each swipe, paste it in the mailer and click send.

You can promote any offer you want with these master swipes.
Members of MyLeadGenSecrets report insanely high conversion rates for all types of programs with these email swipes.

I personally do not recommend these swipes as their are many locations to find swipes and most affiliate marketing programs provide email swipes already as well. 

Organic prospects is virtually the same thing only instead of 100 - 200 leads delivered daily it is 70 - 140 respectively. 

The big difference here is that the organic prospect leads are rated on a scale of interest as well as the program being older. 

Honestly I recommend both of these programs as everything is a numbers game and you virtually do nothing to acquire these leads. 

If you had to do more besides just join these programs to get the leads then no I would not recommend  them. However because it will take less than 5 minutes a day to send out an email with both of these programs inbuilt mailing platforms you are not wasting anytime either. 

Persaonally I have made plently of money off of the leads provided in these platforms and see many different ways I can make money from them. 

Just a few examples on how to make more money from these leads. 

- Import them Into your own autoresponder to email more often. 

- Facebook or other ad platforms for look alike audience as they are already targeted for work from home or make money online programs. 

- Promoting the programs themselves to the leads that they already provide as both programs have a 5 level deep affiliate system. 

For more information check out my videos on youtube where I show my dashboard and backend as well as what I am doing to make money off of these programs. 


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