I Got Invited to the Quora Partner Program!

I know what you might be thinking, what exactly is the Quora Partner Program.

Or Even, what exactly is Quora?

So Lets Break those two questions down.

What is Quora?

First, Quora is a question and answer type forum much like Yahoo answers. A person asks a question to the people of the internet and anyone who feels like answering it can answer it.

When you ask your question you can also send invitations to people on Quora who are known to answer questions on this topic, so they are “experts”. So while yes anyone can answer it, you can kind of guarantee that someone who knows what they are talking about answers your question by inviting them to answer it.

However, much like how Wikipedia has people who moderate it and can remove answers that are clearly wrong, the same is said for Quora. So generally the answers are pretty accurate and very well thought out.

Otherwise the answers will get removed.

Something else that Quora does is the answers that other users find the most helpful can get up-voted much like on Reddit.

More Upvotes = More Views

Now back to the Partner Program.

Before I get to far in deep into what the partner program is, it has to be said that the program is invite only, yea I am one of the elite now.

The Quora Partner Program allows a person to be able to monetize the questions that they ask on Quora. Let me further explain this on how it has HUGE potential.

If you are a part of this program you can get paid for literally just asking a question.

Arguably it is more difficult to answer a question then it is to ask it but that’s not how you get paid for this. Perhaps that will change in the future but for now its only about asking questions.

I find this concept rather intriguing and its one that I have not exactly mastered just yet.

Take a look at my earnings from the past 30 days.

Quora Partner Program Earnings Screen Shot

That’s pretty crap.

Sure I will happily take the 74 cents. But I also essentially don’t really touch Quora either. I will say that the biggest thing this program has going for it though is that I can collect revenue from these questions for an entire year.

You get a share of the ad revenue, so the more views the question gets the more money you can make. This also means the more questions you ask, the more view potential and thus the more money you make.

That means if I was to take this seriously and ask questions every single day this could potentially have a giant snowball effect.

I mean check out my stats from when I did take Quora Seriously.

Quora Answer Views

Quora Answers and Questions

As You can see I have answered 5X as many questions as I have asked.

So I definitely need to up my question asking game.

While I might not be making much cash I have found a few people who have said they made mad money from this program.

A poster on this reddit forum even says that they have had a few questions break $60, I wonder what kind of questions they are asking.

Check out the Reddit Forum Here

Something I am also confused about however and from my Internet sleuthing, how does one get invited to the Quora Partner program?

How does one get invited to the Quora Partner program?

Well Honestly I have no Idea, and it would appear that no one else knows either.

I have seen people say that they got invited and hardly did anything on Quora and others who are far more active then me and they have never gotten an invite.

However if my earnings are any indication to how much you could earn from being a casual user anyways, then you aren’t exactly missing out on a whole lot.

However, do not just write off Quora completely. I mean look at these stats again.

Don’t Write off Quora!

Quora Answer Views

These numbers are huge! and honestly I haven’t even answered questions on Quora in a very long time.

As of writing this blog post the last time I answered a question on Quora that wasn’t my own question was back in September that’s 8 months of virtually no activity and I still managed to get 5.6k answer views this month.

Surely you can see the power of Quora as a traffic source if nothing else.

So while the Partner Program honestly isn’t anything that special, Quora itself is still a giant resource that any marketer online should be taking full advantage of.

Before anyone asks, no the links from Quora are not do follow, they are no follow so using it as part of your linking strategy probably isn’t the best way to go.

However answering questions, leaving quality content and then linking to your site has HUGE potential for traffic.

Check Out My Quora Profile Here!

You Should probably follow me and up-vote all of my answers.


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Nathan Conner - May 2, 2019

That is awesome you made it into the Quora partner program. I need to look more into it. I noticed that a lot of Quora pages rank on the first page of Google for various product reviews. Do you think there is any potential affiliate marketing opportunities with Quora? I have not used it myself.

    Spencer Broom - May 2, 2019

    I absolutely think that Quora can be used as for Affiliate Marketing. If nothing else you can use to to drive traffic to your site like I say in the post. However currently you are also allowed to use affiliate links in your Quora posts as well, just make sure to leave a good comment. One thing I like to do sometimes is use a Quora question as a blog topic and direct them to my post on the topic instead of fully answering the question on Quora itself. 

Mahin Al Banna - May 2, 2019

Hey Spencer Broom,

Firstly I would like to thank you for writing this informative and helpful article. I had heard about Quora before but the concept was never so clear than it is now. I liked the thing most about it that it removes the wrong answers automatically which helps people from misunderstandings. But is there really potential opportunities of affliate marketing with it? I will be looking forward to get more articles like this from you.

Again thanks for this amazing article.

Buffy - May 2, 2019

Wow, yes your advice about leaving your website is awesome! That’s super good for you! That is a lot of potential traffic to your website, congrats. I would leave more if I was you! I think I’ve heard of Quora, but it’s weird they invite you? You can’t ask to join?

    Spencer Broom - May 2, 2019

    No, unfortunately you cant ask to join you have to be invited. I did a lot of research and unfortunately the consensus seems to be that no one knows what you have to do to get invited. It seemed that for awhile you could only live in certain countries but that has seemed to expanded as well. 

Pentrental - May 2, 2019

Wow congratulations this sounds outstanding! Honestly I have not heard a lot about Quora so this information is definitely helpful. Anytime you can increase your presence and reach within an online community is something to strive for. Glad to hear that you are one of the elite now. I hope you find great success here. Passive income no matter how much is always valuable. You presented the right questions and provided clear answers, well done and thank you for sharing!

Selenity Jade - May 2, 2019

I know Quora but I never even knew about this program! That’s crazy. I wonder how they decide who to invite? And it’s even more interesting they want to pay people for questions, not answers. Hmm. I’m going to have to research this one. I’m not looking to make a living by Quora but it’s a curiosity now! Thanks for the information!

Wayne - May 2, 2019

Hello, Spencer and just what are you going to do with all that cash? 🙂

All kidding aside, I can see the potential here as something I should investigate further as a way to drive traffic to my website.

I am a little confused about a couple of things.  Do you have to receive an invite BEFORE you can make money asking questions?.  And… When you talk about Affiliate links, would that be the kind of link that comes from Amazon and you would then post it in an answer to a question?

As a traffic source, have you seen any increase in your traffic as a result of your “Answer Views?”

This is very intriguing especially in the light of the potential for increased traffic to one’s website by posting links on this platform.

Thanks again, Spencer. I will definitely have to check this out some more.

I need traffic,


Derek Marshall - May 8, 2019

That is tremendous! Never heard of Quora partner program. I have heard of marketers getting kicked off of Quora for using it to post links. Begs the question, and maybe you are in the know here – being partner and all.

Given that quality answers often need a relevant like as to reference the information and point made. Is a persons account still in danger if they reference an external site?

    Spencer Broom - May 8, 2019

    I wouldn’t think people are in danger for using external links. I do know that I do it all the time and nothing has really happened to me yet.


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