My Toolkit

So I know a lot of confusion on what you need and what you don't need for an online business is floating around the internet. 

So I put together this toolkit of all the most important tools on my toolbelt. 

Probably the first thing I would recommend for anyone starting an online business would be to have a website. Much like this one however needs to fit your style. 

I did however put together this little course on how to build a website.

However before you even click on that link about here is what I use. 

My Go To Website Hosting Company.
>>> InMotion Hosting <<<

My Go To Domain Name Provider. 
>>> NameCheap <<<

After We Get the Website going you are going to Need Traffic. Obviously I get traffic in a variety of different ways.

Before I go any further yes I get traffic from SEO also known as Search Engine Optomization. Its a lot easier than you think.

However I almost want you to forget about SEO at this moment in time because while I do think its a lot easier then most people think. I also think their are easier ways to get traffic and I also think that many people get lost into how to achieve proper SEO that they forget about all the other ways to get traffic.  

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